Norwich Mathematics Learning Center

Our Chinese experienced and talented tutors are here to work in support of students' Mathematics lessons, improve their skills and concentrate areas where they lack confidence. Our goal is to enhance logical thinking and adapt teaching methods for personalized learning so that student are able to approach unfamiliar questions. We offer great teaching with good price.

Educational Programmes

School Maths Course

( 5-14 years old )

This session is focused on school Maths lessons in Reception to Year 11. We will base on students needs and try to work on challenging topics and areas where students lack confidence.

General Topics Course

( 12-16 years old )

This course includes general Mathematics topics, like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistic. Students can choose the particular area that they lack confidence. This course has cross-curricular approach.

Exam Preparation Course

( 5-16 years old )

This course is primarily designed for students taking the paper-based exam. We offer Edexcel, AQA, MEI, OCR, CIE, IB As or A-level and GCSE Maths different preparation lessons. Students will practice taking past visions.


Flexible everyday one to one lessons

1st hourFirst trail lesson for only £5 (one hour)
5 hoursBook 5 hours of Maths lessons for £60 (£12 per hour)
10 hoursBook 10 hours of Maths Lessons for £100 (£10 per hour)
PAYGPay as you go rates Maths lessons for £15 per hour


Feel free to contact us to reserve a space with our Chinese Maths tutors. You can earn £5 for a successful referrer. Your friend gets £5 too. If you cannot make the lessons for any reason, please inform in advance and our tutors will do their best to reschedule. We respond to emails, enquiries and other communications from students within 24 hours.

For enrol or further enquiries, please contact us by

Our Tutors

Our Chinese experienced tutors have bilingual skills in English and Maths. We are very happy to bring a diverse range of materials and teaching methods to engage students, help them to retain what they learn and improve their Maths skills. We all comply with DBS Certification.

  1. Harry Lou

    Harry finished the BSc Economics with Accountancy at UEA and got distinction in his master degree. He can look to assess the needs of the tutee in the first instance and develop any basic skills.

  2. Meng Wang

    Miss Wang did distinction in Economics Methods in UEA in 2012. She can create a stimulating, purposeful and interesting learning environment. She can use a cross-curricular approach by focusing on a topic.

  3. Yijun Xu

    Miss Xu is from mainland China. She has a talent in mathematics and is full of teaching Chinese maths skills. She has a lot of rewards in maths competition. Now she is researching AQA, MEI, OCR, CIE, IB As or A-level and GCSE Maths.

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